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Young Driver

Young Drivers
Hurray, you’ve just got your new car!…or maybe you are looking to get one soon. Exciting times!

Designed specifically for 17 – 24 year olds, our New Driver Insurance covers you in an affordable way and teaches you some invaluable safe driving skills.

Black box technology*

Our advanced black box technology for a young driver should make you a lower driving risk by helping you develop safe driving skills, plus our e-learning resource helps you improve your knowledge and skills.

No curfews
Unlike some other insurers, we won’t impose any curfews on you! However, we do ask that you add a parent to the policy (adding an experienced driver helps us to keep our premiums down!).

We cover you on a provisional and full licence

We will insure you as a learner as well as after your test and won’t hike the premium up because you pass! So, no scrambling round to find new insurance when you pass (just a quick call to let us know!).

Our best price upfront
There are no complicated points schemes, no penalties for driving late, no cashbacks later on. Just our best price and up to 30% no claims discount at renewal if you drive well!

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