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Do I need Employers Liability Insurance

21st August 2020
Do I need Employers’ Liability Insurance? It’s your responsibility as an employer to protect the health and safety of your employees during working hours. You’re legally required to have employers’ liability cover in place if you employ one or more people. Some companies don’t need Employers’ Liability Insurance, such as businesses that only employ close family members. In these instances,

What is Public Liability Insurance

21st August 2020
What is Public Liability Insurance? Accidents can happen unexpectedly, and sometimes the people involved get hurt. Public Liability Insurance helps protect your business against personal injury or property damage claims from members of the public. So, if someone makes a claim against your business, our cover could pay the costs you are held responsible or liable for, such as legal fees and expenses,

Home and contents insurance comparison

24th July 2020
Home and contents insurance comparison You can take out separate buildings and contents policies with different insurers, although this generates more admin and there's often a discount if you stick with a single provider and combine them. If you’re a homeowner with a freehold, you’ll probably want both. If you're a renter, then buildings insurance is your landlord’s responsibility, but you'll

Do not guess insurance questions

24th July 2020
Do you guess the answers to insurance questions? Guessing the answer to questions when applying for car or home insurance is easily done, but it could end up costing you dearly. If you’re applying for home insurance, for example, you might not bother making a proper assessment of the total replacement cost of your home’s contents and guess at £15,000. But if you subsequently make a claim and

10 tips for getting back on the road safely

24th July 2020
10 tips for getting back on the road safely Here we share ten tips that you can share with your clients to help them get back on the road safely. 1) Make sure the driver is ready and fit to drive. This has been a real time of stress and uncertainty for many people which can have a big impact on health. Whether it’s sleep deprivation, stress or anxiety all of these can take a toll. Before starting

How can I reduce the cost of car insurance

22nd June 2020
How can I reduce the cost of car insurance? Car Insurance Car Insurance Don’t presume how premiums are calculated. For example, having a named driver on a policy sometimes helps towards a lower premium. If considering this, assess the character of the person being added to the policy first. Are they likely to acquire penalty points on their licence and would they tell you or the insurer were this

What is landlord insurance

22nd June 2020
What is landlord insurance? Landlords insurance provides protection for your property, any tenants you have and rental activities that you carry out. This can be regardless of whether you rent properties

Do you need home insurance

22nd June 2020
Do you need home insurance ? Home Insurance Unlike Car Insurance there’s no legal requirement to have home insurance, though some mortgage companies will make it a condition of the loan to have buildings

Life Insurance 10 things you need to know

22nd June 2020
Life Insurance 10 things you need to know Life insurance is one of the pillars of personal finance, deserving of consideration by every household. I’d even go so far as to say it’s vital for most.

Generation Rent

22nd June 2020
Generation Rent Could you afford to keep up your rent payments with no income ? We’ve heard a great deal about generation rent in recent years but what does it actually mean for consumers and advisers
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