How to get the best holiday home insurance?

If you have a second property you use for holidays, it needs different cover to your main home.

This is because it may be left empty for long periods which means it is more at risk from theft or damage. You also need specific cover if you rent the property out.

To find the best policy you need to think about:

What do you need it to cover?

Will you rent out your holiday home?

How often will your holiday home be empty?

What do you need it to cover?

Holiday home insurance offers the same cover as a standard policy, including:

Buildings insurance, which covers the bricks and mortar of your property

Contents insurance, which covers the personal belongings you keep in your home

Do not keep valuable items in your holiday home because they will be at greater risk of theft if the property is empty.

It can also give you extra protection specific to holiday homes:

Longer unoccupancy period: This covers your home when it is empty for more than 30 or 60 days. Some holiday home polices offer an unlimited period; this comparison shows the unoccupancy period each policy offers.

Do you rent out your holiday home?

If you do, you need to think about:

Public liability insurance

Loss of rent or income cover

Employer's liability insurance, e.g. if you employ gardeners or cleaners

Some policies include this cover, but not all do so check the policy documents carefully before you buy. If they are not included, you may be able to add them to your policy at an extra cost.

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