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Learner Driver Insurance. Young learner drivers are finding it so difficult to enhance their driving skills because of the insurance costs. But with Insure Learner Driver you can get an immediate online policy to drive a family or friends car from 7 days to 5 months.

Our short-term comprehensive policy requires you to be supervised at all times by a qualified driver who is aged 25 and under 72 with a full UK or EU driving licence to accompany you for tuition purposes only.

The car must already be insured by the owner, as our insurance policy is issued in the name of the learner driver as a ‘top-up’ cover, so as not to affect the No Claims Bonus of the car owner’s in the event of a damage claim.

Annual learner driver insurance as an option

Learner Plates to go with Your Learner Driver Insurance

Alternatively, if you have already purchased your own car, we can arrange an annual insurance policy over the phone with prices starting from as low as £500 giving you the chance to earn your own No Claims Bonus and reduce your future insurance premiums. This could easily save you over £1,500 off your next insurance policy renewal.

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