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From sports star to sofa star

Personal accident insurance. Whether it’s Sunday league football or a weekly game of tennis, many of us use sports as a way of letting off steam after a hard week at work. But, the more we enjoy our sport, the more likely it is to catch up with us on a Monday morning…

Facing the facts

Research has suggested that almost 1 in 3 of us in the UK pick up a sport-related injury every year; totaling an eye-watering 22 million incidents.

Of these injuries, 25%1 cause the fallen sports star to give up their pastime completely; which is surely serious enough to have an impact elsewhere?

If you work in a physical or manual occupation for example, how would you manage at work with a sprain or muscle pull, which account for 80%1 of sporting injuries? Whatever the injury, it’s likely to have some impact on your ability to work and earn a living, which could mean disaster for you and your families personal finances.

Income protection insurer Exeter Family Friendly reported that 41% of the claims they paid in 2012 were due to injuries and accidents. For every one who thinks “it won’t happen to me”, this stat shows that in reality it just might, and does.

On top of this, 10.8% of LV=’s claims stemmed from a work related accident, sporting injury or broken bone. A worthwhile investment for those customers that would’ve otherwise struggled to make a living.

Time for a team talk

Fortunately for your it doesn’t have to be this way. With our help we can put an income protection policy in place to ensure your lack of sporting prowess doesn’t affect your ability to pay the bills. For a free advice on how we can help contact us on 0161 702 0301 or click here for information on personal accident insurance.

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